Generating Killer Content Ideas

Content serves as the cornerstone of any digital marketing effort. But all content is not made
equal – some will easily rise to the top of the search rankings more than others.
Competition can be stiff in this field and the road to the best content begins in the drawing board. You should pluck your ideas for good places if you want your content to get ahead.
Here are the ways you can ideate better than your competitors:

  1. Make explainers for existing ideas
    This is the easiest and most straightforward way of thinking of content – explaining concepts made by experts to the layman. A lot of theories out there will benefit your audience provided they can digest it. If something is hard or complicated, you can break it down for them by explaining it in easier terms or turning it into visuals.
  2. Take notes from your competitor’s playbooks
    So you’re not at the top of the rankings. No sweat. It just means you have to learn at the feet of your competitors first. You will need to go to their assets and scope out what they’re doing right. If you check out their top-performing content, you will see what the audience in your particular industry is hankering for and then plan accordingly. If you can’t beat them, learn from them first.
  3. Curate the best content
    Ideas are infectious – they can influence one another even if they are not directly related. They can also inform one another even if you’re not necessarily actively linking them. In this sense, sometimes the best strategy for making the best content involves collecting ones that have made an impact on you and that can potentially touch your readers. In time, this collection of ideas will mingle and breed and you’ll come up with interesting ideas of your own.
  4. Synthesize and apply what you learn from other practices
    Knowledge is not something you can just isolate in a pen somewhere. There are facts, steps,
    methods, ways of thinking you can transpose from one field to the next. For example, digital marketing may learn a thing or two from Sociology or the human sciences dealing with groups or masses.
  5. Zero in what your customers need
    Ultimately, the best source of content would be your audience. You need to go where they are and investigate their pains, their desires, the solutions they come up with to meet both. You’ll benefit from lurking in forums, reading their comments on Amazon pages, what their standards for service are in Yelp. These are many, many ways you can generate ideas for content – your creativity is the limit. As long as you perform active social listening and you’re always consuming content, you’ll be able to generate the kind of ideas that’ll captivate your market.

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