Content Creation Services to Get You Noticed Online

Every single day, people create and upload around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. A significant segment of that comes as content that jockey to be in the top-of-mind position of their intended audience. Without the right content, your small or mid-sized business may not be able to compete with larger companies that invest in their own owned media and platforms.

If you want to earn a segment of your industry’s total addressable market, you don’t need a big budget. You need good quality content that speaks to your customers. 

Digital marketing companies can provide you with that content and stamp it with your branding so all authority and relevance the content generates go back to your brand.

Here are the content creation services a digital marketing agency will offer:

1. Blog Article Writing

Digital marketing agencies will offer a blog writing service since constantly updated blogs aid in boosting search signals to websites. An agency usually keeps a pool of writers for this purpose. You just need to inform the agency of your niche, how your brand voice, and let the agency’s writing team take care of the rest.

2.  White Paper Writing

White papers help increase your company’s authority and relevance online since these pieces of content target an expert audience. Some digital marketing firms have senior content writers and editors who can ghostwrite this kind of content for you should you need.

3. Proofreading and Content Repurposing

If you have a piece of content sitting on your lap and you have no idea how you might utilize it, give it to a digital marketing agency that specializes in content marketing. They will be able to edit your existing material and turn it into other pieces of shareable content online.

4. Web Development

A website serves as a business’ storefront. Digital marketing agencies use websites as springboards to market their clients so web dev is one of the standard services they offer.

5. Video Content Creation

Videos are starting to outpace written materials as the content of choice in the Internet. Experts believe 90% of the content that will be published online will be videos. Big digital marketing agencies will be able to offer content creation services to allow your business to compete in platforms like YouTube, FB, or Instagram

6.  Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Have you ever noticed those ads on top of Google’s search page? They’re Pay-Per-Click ads and they will allow you to advertise to customers even if your main assets aren’t on the first page of the search engine results pages yet.

7. Social Media Content

You will need to constantly massage messages into your target market’s attention span and you can do this through social media. Digital marketing companies will offer this kind of service to manage your presence online, to power your brand’s voice, and to boost your brand’s reach.

You’ll be glad to know we offer these content creation services at Panoptik. Our dedicated team of experts and content creators can create assets that’ll power up your online presence and help you earn leads. Please contact us for more information.

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